Saturday, June 12, 2010

Red Comforter

I really need a red comforter right now, because I need to cover my ears with all the noise that is going on in this freaky house. All I hear is dog that and this, which is really annoying.

I mean, some old guy is in my living room right now watching television at full blast, and it is really irritating. He can just go away and not come back. He absolutely disgusts me.

I wish I had a red comforter to get rid of all the noise caused by him. The color red makes me look like a bulls eye, which means business in my opinion. If you can't see me, then do not bother me.

Currently, the television says to use dogs to attack people. They apparently get a dog treat if they succeed in chewing up a person. Now, in my opinion that is just wrong and I will not cover the subject any longer.

Man oh man, this is really annoying. I know you already heard that, and you do not want to hear my ranting anymore, but this seriously has to stop. I am going to the living room right now.

All right, I am back and ready to hide in my red comforter again. I just got hurt by that old man and I am now scared. I think I am actually sucking my thumb while typing this and I am proud of it.

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